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While many employers want to offer benefits to their employees, the process of doing so seems confusing, expensive, and time consuming.  At Coastal Wealth Solutions, our focus is on streamlining and simplifying the process for both employers and their employees.  The guide below will escort you through the process of deciding what benefits are right for your company and how to implement a comprehensive benefits plan.

First, let us know how many benefit eligible employees your company currently employees.

Small Employer

A small employer typically has 2 - 9 full-time employees.

Mid-Size Employer

A mid-size employer typically has 10 - 49 employees.

Large Employer

A large employer typically has 50 or more full-time employees.


Small Employer

As a small employer, offering benefits is a great way to ensure your employees stay engaged and loyal to your company.  Best of all, we have benefit options available that don't require any financial cost to you.

Next, let us know if you currently offer benefits, or are going to be offering benefits to your employees for the first time.

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Mid-Size Employer

As a mid-size employer, offering benefits allows you to remain competitive by attracting and retaining top talent.   Offering a tailored benefits package is a great way to take your business to the next level.

Next, let us know if you currently offer benefits, or are going to be offering benefits to your employees for the first time.

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Large Employer

As a large employer, you've built a strong foundation, and to continue building, you need a benefits package that meets your short and long-term organizational objectives.   A comprehensive benefits package ensures your can maximize your potential and outlast your competition.

Next, let us know if you currently offer benefits, or are going to be offering benefits to your employees for the first time.


Small Employer

Currently Do Not Offer Benefits

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Why should you offer benefits?

80% of employees would rather take a job with lower pay that offers benefits than take a job with higher pay that doesn't offer benefits.

As a small employer, it is vital to keep your current employees so your business can continue to grow.  Did you know that you can offer benefits to your employees without any direct cost to your business?

Small Employer

Currently Offering Benefit to Employees

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Why you should have your benefits reviewed

While you've already discovered why you should offer benefits to your employees, as a small business you likely don't have time to constantly reevaluate your benefits package to ensure it is the best for your business.

Our team of benefits experts can quickly evaluate your benefits package to determine if it is optimal for your organization and your long-term goals.

Mid-Size Employer

Not Currently Offering Employee Benefits

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Offering Benefits is Vital for a Mid-Sized Business

Cost containment is extremely important for a mid-sized business.  While many employers view benefits as just another expense on their balance sheet, the reality is that offering benefits can actually save your organization money.

On average, when an employee leaves your company, it costs about 30% of the outgoing employee's salary just to replace them.  So, if you have 25 employees and lose 5 during the year with an average salary of $50,000 it will cost your company $75,000 just to find replacements.

Mid-Size Employer

Currently Offering Employee Benefits

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A happy employee is a productive employee

So, you've decided that offering benefits is the right thing for your mid-sized business.  Even more importantly though, do your employees understand the benefits you offer?

Our hands-on approach to guiding employees through their benefits enrollment ensures that they understand their benefits and how to properly utilize them.  This empowers employees to feel confident in the benefits they choose and makes them more educated consumers so they use their benefits wisely.  Not only will your employees appreciate their benefits, they'll also use them properly which will save money for both them and your organization in the long-run.

Large Employer

Not Currently Offering Benefits

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Your Employees Are Your Differentiator

All large businesses rely on their employees to be their differentiator.  Products and process are vital, but it's the people who execute and deliver to achieve your organizational objectives that make your business successful.

Whether you are looking at offering benefits because Healthcare Reform has forced you to, or you have realized that benefits are the key to unlocking your future success, Coastal Wealth Benefit Solutions can be your guide.  Implementing benefits is daunting for any large business but our experience and knowledge make the process easier than you ever imagined.

Large Employer

Currently Offering Benefits

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Optimize Your Benefits For Success

Regardless of how long your company has been offering benefits, new ideas and technologies are always forcing you to adapt.  Our team has implemented and created many of the cutting edge changes in the employee benefits industry.  Use our expertise to propel your business forward.

From self-service enrollments to benefits administration systems that manage and track benefits usage, we can guide you through the process that is best for your company.