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Covid-19 Information For Businesses

Please see below for information regarding Covid-19 and the related stimulus bills to assist employers with navigating the difficult economic times and remain in business.  While this information is current as of the time this information was created, the fluid nature of the crisis may render this information incorrect or obsolete due to future changes.  Please speak with a team member to ensure you receive current guidance.

Stimulus package information

Businesses and sole proprietors can receive a loan through the SBA with the first $10,000 paid within three business days and completely forgiven.

This program is designed to assist small businesses with keeping employees on payroll, regardless of whether or not the employees are able to maintain their normal work schedule.  This loan is through a lending institution but can be forgiven if appropriate parameters are met.

This program is designed to ensure that employees unable to work due to testing and treatment of Coronavirus, employees caring for a family member seeking Coronavirus treatment, and employees caring for children due to school closure or childcare unavailability will still earn an income during the crisis.  This legislation expands the prior laws regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

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